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Genetic Ultimate Wellness Stack D3-Megavit-Elitesleep-Greens and Reds

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Genetic Ultimate Wellness Stack D3-Megavit-Elitesleep-Greens and Reds

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."Winter is coming"......... ok i stole that one! But with the change in the weather, everyone running around coughing or with their nose tripping them, how can we defend ourselves from the bugs, the tired feeling of dark mornings/nights and generally just feel more energetic!

Well we put this stack together for these simple reasons.

VITAMIN D3 180 CAPSULES (2500iu per capsule)
The Vitamin Almost Everybody Is Deficient In!

4 Reasons You Need This Product: (we could name 10 easy but chose the main ones)

1, Proven to improve mood and energy
2, Improves immune system and bone health
3, The majority of the UK population are deficient in Vitamin D3 (we love our weather)
4, High quality dosages per serving compared to mainstream brands (rubbish).

Premium Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex

No-one wants to get sick! Yet we all come into contact with sick people with our day to day lives. These high quality and extremely bioavailable vitamins and minerals fill all the holes in our food choices and help our immune system to focus on recovery, disease prevention allowing us to focus on the goals we have set ourselves. They are also:

Gluten Free
Diary Free
Veggie Cap
3 Reasons You Need This Product:
Achieve your RDA on many vitamins & minerals with just ONE tablet per day
Extra premium bioavailable vitamins used for guaranteed quality
Gluten & Dairy FREE!
Veggie Shell

Advanced Sleep Formula

These are one of our biggest sellers in the shop. And here are the reason's why:

Enjoy A Better Nights Sleep! Who can honestly say they get regular quality sleep? This product blend includes a Zinc, Magnesium and B6 formula as well as a generous 250mg helping of 5 HTP. So what do these products do?

Zinc: Helps cell growth, wound healing and the breakdown of carbohydrates, it helps our smell and taste and raises libido :)
Feel More Energised The Next Day
Recover Faster!

Magnesium: Helps you fall asleep, calm nerves and anxiety. Relieves muscle aches and spasms whilst improving heart health and preventing headaches.

5 HTP: Enhance your mood, alleviate depression, anxiety and panic attacks, reduce appetite, improve sleep and supports successful dietary intervention of type two diabetes.

B6: Improves brain function, mood, eye health and helps treat high blood pressure.

Its pretty much impossible during the colder weather to get a high amount of quality green veg into our diet. This product solves the problem with one simple serving. PLUS it gives 32 GLUTEN FREE superfood ingredients on top of that. It is the ultimate natural health concoction! Plus the all natural live raw pre and probiotics will help fight bloating whilst hugely improving food digestion! It really is diamond in this immune/mood/health boosting arsenal.

And that is what makes this the Ultimate Stack........... As well as the immune system and body support for 24 hours per day every day, this stack covers gut health with the convenience of everything in one scoop for our daily veg content From waking up to waking up we are getting the best chance to function better, feel better, sleep better and reduce hunger cravings. Especially during the colder weather.
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Vitamin D3 Ingredients Vitamin D3 from certified vegetable sources. Vegicap shell Gluten Free: Yes Allergen Warning: None Dairy Free: Yes Size: 180 capsules/Up to 180 servings MEGAVIT Each Tablet Contains: Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Chloride Anhydrous, Vitamin C, Ferrous Fumarate (iron), Selenium Yeast, Manganese Gluconate, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, Nicotinamide, Copper Gluconate, Vitamin A, Calcium Pantothenate, Silica, Pyridoxine HCL, Vitamin D, Thiamine HCL, Riboflavin, Cyanocobalamin Vit B12, Chromium Picolinate, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide, D-Biotin, Bornon Amino Acid Chelate, Potassium Molybdate, Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Chloride (Cl) Allergen Warning: None Gluten Free: Yes Dairy Free: Yes Size: 90/90 servings Ingredients by weight Provides Active %RDA Di Calcium Phosphate 161mg Ca/125mgP Magnesium Oxide 100mg Mg 33.30% Potassium Chloride Anhydrous 40mg K/37mg Cl Vitamin C 60mg Vit C 100% Ferrous Fumarate (iron) 31-33% 14mg Fe 100% Selenium Yeast 1000ug/g 25ug Sc N/A Manganese Gluconate 2-5mg Mn N/A Vitamin E (dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 10mg Vit E 100% Zinc Oxide 15mg Zn 100% Nicotinamide 18mg 100% Copper Gluconate 2mg Cu N/A Vitamin A 250 CWS 800ug Vit A 100% Calcium Pantothenate 6mg Vit B5 100% Silica 4mg Silica Pyridoxine HCL 2mg Vit B6 100% Vitiman D 100,000iu/g 5ug Vit D3 100% Thiamine HCL 1.4mg Vit B1 100% Riboflavin 1.6mg Vit B2 100% Cyanocobalamine Vit B12 1ug Vit B12 100% Chromium Picolinate 25ug Cr N/A Folic Acid 200ug Folic Acid 100% Potassium Iodide 150ug Iodene 100% D-Biotin 150ug Biotin 100% Boron Amino Acid Chelate 5ug Bo N/A Potassium Molybdate 25ug Mo N/A Minerals Content RDA %RDA Potassium (K) 40mg N/A N/A Calcium (Ca) 162mg 800mg 20% Phosphorus (P) 125mg 800mg 16% Chloride (Cl) 36mg N/A N/A 5-HTP Elite Sleep Ingredients: 5-HTP (from Griffonia seed extract), Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide), Magnesium BisGlycinate, L-Theanine, Zinc Orotate Size: 60 capsules/30 servings Each Capsule Provides: 5-HTP: 250mg Vitamin B3: 200mg (1250% RDA) Magnesium: 1150mg Magnesium BisGlycinate providing 150mg of elemental magnesium (50% RDA) Theanine: 100mg Zinc Orotate: 33.34mg Zinc Orotate providing 5mg of elemental zinc Allergen Warning: None* (Please see advisory warning) Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free Greens & Reds Ingredients: Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein (85%), Pea Protein (80%), Stabilised Rice Bran Complex, Spirulina Powder, Cracked-wall Chlorella, Gluten Free Wheatgrass (Wheat), Reishi Mushroom, Nettle Powder, Aronia Chokeberry Extract, Broccoli Powder, Beetroot Leaf & Juice Powders, Kale Powder, Parsley Leaf, Spinach Leaf, Watercress, Acai Berry, Bilberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Montmorency Cherry Powder Extract, Strawberry Powder, Flaxseed Omega 3, Shiitake Mushroom, Ginger Root, Green Tea Extract, Pre-biotic Larch Tree Arabinogalactan, Live Bacteria Complex Blend (Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus & Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Acidophilus), Digestive Enzyme Blend (Protease, Amylase, Lactase, Lipase) Other ingredients (in flavoured versions): Natural Flavourings, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia) Allergen Warning: None Gluten Free: Yes Dairy Free: Yes Size: 500g/33 servings For further information, please see the following document Note: Genetic Greens Powder is manufactured using nothing but 100% whole food ingredients. This means from time to time, colours and textures may vary very slightly from batch to batch. This is entirely normal and representative of natural fluctuations in raw materials as they go through a natural drying process following initial blending. This does not affect their performance or quality in any way.


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