PES Alphamine (244g) 84 servings

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PES Alphamine (244g) 84 servings

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ALPHAMINE - Cheapest price available in Northern Ireland

The Athlete's Energy Drink!

Why do we all at NI Supplements love this product? Well it's as simple as this.

* Will help boost energy and without huge doses of caffeine.
* Will not give you a crash or jitters.
* Will boost your mood and work/gym productivity.
* Will help control appetite making dieting easier.

Alphamine is THE source of energy for athletes. While energy drinks and coffee are available on every corner, Alphamine delivers unparalleled taste and formula. Now with the human research-backed combination of choline & LCLT, Alphamine is the ultimate combination of high quality ingredients. But we didn't stop there. Each scoop now contains a full serving of theanine, which takes the feel of Alphamine to new heights. We all know better than to chug a sugary energy drink, or fat-loaded latte. That's why Alphamine, the energy powder is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination of caffeine and theanine gives users a nice smooth and alert energy for hours. Perfect for work projects or just getting to the gym!

The cheapest price available in Northern Ireland for this product which has been a huge seller in both our NI Supplements stores. No jitters and no crash, an amazing anytime energy drink that works at your desk our before the gym and will help aid in the battle for fat loss including stubborn areas. All flavours are fantastic and huge ratings across google. It really is a fantastic little product with 84 servings it's hugely cost effective too. ONLY 35p per serving!

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ALPHAMINE™ Redefines The Thermo Category


After two years of undeniable feedback from Alpha-T2, we sat down to begin our research onto an even greater, more innovative, more powerful thermo product…


We realized all the fat burners on the market hold MAJOR flaws…we set out to create a solution.




Currently, no products are designed to selectively burn FAT while preserving muscle mass. Crazy…right? So many products based on energy and weight loss…but not FAT loss.


Male or female, no matter how much fat you want to drop nobody wants to lose their precious muscle mass. Hard dieting, heavy stimulants, and extreme cardio all are begging to break down your muscle tissue for energy. Shift the focus to FAT loss.


 Allow us to present to you the new definition of a fat burner…


Unmatched Formula…The All-Inclusive Physique Transformer


Alphamine delivers ingredients acting both independently and synergistically in a formula that takes physique transformation to the next level…no…this is beyond the next level. This is an entirely new playing field!


This powerful thermo powder is built for a quick custom serving for every user. As a powdered thermo, each and every user can fully customize their serving size and frequency if they choose. No more being stuck with only 1 or 2 capsules… enjoy fully customizable servings anytime, anywhere. Find YOUR sweet spot.


Alphamine mixes quick and easy with a spoon and tastes like something you’d only drink on your cheat days…no medicine mouth here! Two small scoops with 10 oz. of water and you can be on your way…


Extreme Thermo. Powerful Stimulants. Novel Extracts.


 Fat Igniting Technology


Beta-Agonist Blend


Higenamine and tembamide are two novel and unique beta-agonist compounds formulated in Alphamine. Higenamine been the key ingredient in Alpha-T2 for over a year, and we deliver it here with an even more complete blend of ingredients and synergy.


Beta-agonists have shined for decades for a reason…they work. PES is staying on the forefront of supplement science with the novel beta-agonists in Alphamine.




Back in the day yohimbine was the new kid on the block…since then science has prevailed and discovered newer, cleaner, more selective forms of yohimbine such as rauwolscine. But it CAN get better. Using a unique extract, PES has gone even further after experimenting with numerous specialized extracts to develop SA2-A™, the cleanest extract to date. The Pausinystalia bark holds as many as a dozen alkaloid molecules that have gone unnoticed…we knew there was more to take advantage of.


Pausinystalia alkaloids are known as “Alpha-2 adrenergic antagonists" in-vitro. The alpha adrenoceptors are prevalent in certain fatty areas of the body such as the stomach, love-handles, chest, and lower back. When these receptors are “on” they are activating fat storing mechanisms. Turn these receptors OFF and allow fat igniting technology to take place.


Oleuropein from Olive Leaf


One of the most underrated ingredients today, oleuropein extracted from olive leaves holds numerous properties.  Already this past year olive leaf extracts have been the focus of new research and new discoveries...PES staying on the forefront once again.


In a recent animal study, oleuropein increased noradrenaline and adrenaline secretions, as well as uncoupling protein 1 levels in brown adipose tissue, leading to increased thermogenesis. What a perfect fit for this formula...


Eucommia Ulmoides – 98% Chlorogenic Acid Extract


Chlorogenic acid, commonly found in green coffee beans, is becoming popular for its strong scientific evidence for fat loss in humans…but we needed something more pure. Instead we went to Eucommia, an herb with high content of chlorogenic acid.


Eucommia Ulmoides itself has shown to stimulant lipolysis and thermogenesis while simultaneously curbing appetite in the animal model. Consider this the most superior source of chlorogenic acid.




We could write an entire article on the importance and biological functions of choline in the body, but we will strictly focus on why it found its way into Alphamine. First and foremost, when choline was added to this mixture the overall feel of each serving changed significantly. The formula became much smoother and longer lasting with the addition of choline.


The reason choline was considered here, is choline supplementation has shown to accelerate lipid oxidation through increasing the uptake of fatty acids and increasing plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate in elite male triathletes. One more pathway to fat loss in Alphamine…


 Lean Hard Muscle


N-Coumaroyldopamine (NCD)


NCD has been the rave for getting dense firm muscle tissue, and we suspect ultra-selective beta-2 agonists such as NCD may be the future of leaning and hardening agents in the industry. We delivery it here in its purest form. If we had to choose a phrase to describe this ingredient…we would use Flex Appeal.


Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid (Leucic Acid)


Leucic Acid (HICA) is a metabolite of the well-known branched chain amino acid Leucine. BCAA users know that Leucine is the star amino acid because it’s a muscle preserving, anti-catabolic, lean mass promoting agent. Its abilities have been heavily researched and proven time and time again. The only drawback with Leucine is the high amount needed…enter Leucic Acid.


Leucic acid on the other hand can be used at a much lower daily serving size. When leucine metabolites are present in high concentrations in muscle cells, it tells the muscle it needs to kick its anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) actions into gear.


mTOR, a mechanism in the body that has gone widely unnoticed, drives protein synthesis to preserve muscle tissue even under catabolic conditions!


Enjoy The Revolution….More To Come From PES.



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