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We have put together 3 of the most important supplements for someone on their fitness journey. The Olimp Complex Whey is brilliant for recovery and growing some lean muscle tissue, their creatine will help shuttle all those valuable nutrients into your muscles and retain a fuller figure, whilst the Omega 3 will help overall health, joints, gut health, brain health and generally all the good things proper Omega 3 can do for your body. Our offer gives you a whopping 30% off normal value!

Olimp Complex Whey really is great value for money. Combining both concentrate and isolate allowing fast and medium release of proteins onto your system. Olimp has been one of the largest companies in Europe, and now in Northern Ireland it has grown into our market. Top grade, trusted and used by 1000's of customers.

The CFM® Isolate and the whey protein concentrate used in Whey Protein Complex 100%® are characterized by their high nutritional value. Obtained using advanced technological processes, they maintain their complete structure and functional whey protein activity. Their high nutritional value was the reason why concentrated whey proteins are considered the most valuable source of dietary protein for competitive athletes and active people.

The CFM® isolate and whey protein concentrate help grow and maintain muscle mass, mix well and taste great.

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