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ALPHAMINE - Cheapest price available in Northern Ireland

The Athlete's Energy Drink!

Why do we all at NI Supplements love this product? Well it's as simple as this.

* Will help boost energy and without huge doses of caffeine.
* Will not give you a crash or jitters.
* Will boost your mood and work/gym productivity.
* Will help control appetite making dieting easier.

Alphamine is THE source of energy for athletes. While energy drinks and coffee are available on every corner, Alphamine delivers unparalleled taste and formula. Now with the human research-backed combination of choline & LCLT, Alphamine is the ultimate combination of high quality ingredients. But we didn't stop there. Each scoop now contains a full serving of theanine, which takes the feel of Alphamine to new heights. We all know better than to chug a sugary energy drink, or fat-loaded latte. That's why Alphamine, the energy powder is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination of caffeine and theanine gives users a nice smooth and alert energy for hours. Perfect for work projects or just getting to the gym!

The cheapest price available in Northern Ireland for this product which has been a huge seller in both our NI Supplements stores. No jitters and no crash, an amazing anytime energy drink that works at your desk our before the gym and will help aid in the battle for fat loss including stubborn areas. All flavours are fantastic and huge ratings across google. It really is a fantastic little product with 84 servings it's hugely cost effective too. ONLY 35p per serving!

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